Jawoongo extract

Nature-oriented ingredients
Newland All Nature makes products that contain natural extracts with high effective ingredient content
in order to supply customers with nature-oriented cosmetics that are more friendly to the skin.

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- Effect

Newland All Nature selected ingredients that are milder and safer for the skin and adopted this traditional ointment, which is known to soothe and give comfort to the skin and not stimulate even the most sensitive skin, to create its own prescription so that consumers can trust the product and feel safe using it.

- Functions of each ingredient
Mandarin skin
Mandarin skin, also called “jinpi (dried orange peel)” in Korean medicine, relaxes the body strained from stress and strengthens functioning of the spleen to cure tympanites, belching, vomiting, nausea, indigestion, flatulence, weariness, and loose stools. It eliminates coughing and phlegm and has diuretic effect. Its reported medical actions include its essential oil’s stimulation of the digestive system and digestion, discharge of phlegm, anti-ulcer effect, anti-gastric secretion, strengthening of the heart, blood pressure increase, anti-allergic effect, facilitation of bile secretion, suppression of uterine smooth muscle, and antibiotic effect.
Shrubby sophora root (“Thief’s cane” root)
Shrubby sophora is also called the “thief’s cane,” “neosam,” or “snake gazebo” tree. In Korean medicine, dried roots are called “gosam,” and they taste bitter and are prescribed for indigestion, neuralgia, hepatitis, jaundice, hemorrhoids, etc. for their effects that are similar to those of ginseng. As a folk remedy, its stem and leaves are boiled down to make insecticide.
Korean angelica
The herb’s effect is mild and its taste is bittersweet. It contains aromatic essential oil, sucrose, vitamin E, etc. It can control menstrual period and remove menstrual pain because it facilitates blood circulation and acts as a pain killer. Also, it has a noticeable blood-fortifying effect, making it effective in treating anemia, common bruises, and thromboendarteritis. If it is used for chronic pyosis, it improves circulation and increases the body’s natural immune capacity. For constipation, it facilitates the intestinal canal movements for easier bowel movement.
Japanese elm roots
Japanese elm is known to be effective for stomach disorder, enteritis, bronchitis, rhinitis, insomnia, freckles, and lentigo.
Liquorice harmonizes toxins of all medicinal substances to make them more effective, controls heat and cold and vigor of intestines, improves blood vessels, and strengthens muscles and bones. Other medical actions include detoxification and alleviating effects for hepatitis, rashes, dermatitis, eczema, etc. It is effective for reducing cough, discharging phlegm, relaxing the muscle, inducing urination, reducing inflammation, and suppressing peptic ulcer.
Gromwell roots
Breaks fever, strengthens the heart, detoxifies the body, and facilitates blood circulation. It is effective for treating hepatitis, jaundice, constipation, vomiting of blood, bloody urine, nose bleeds, erysipelas, purpura (having purple spots on the skin and bleeding of mucous membrane or organs), chicken pox, the measles, eczema, tumor, burns, frostbite, etc. Also, it can be used when a wounded area or scar is not healed up well.
Dahurian angelica
Dahurian angelica is a pain killer and cure for headaches, nasal congestion, and mucus caused by a flu and is also effective for gastrointestinal disturbance, prenatal and postnatal headaches, dizziness, toothache, facial neuralgia, and paralysis. Also, it is known to be effective for blood discharge after a menstrual period, when blood comes out mixed in stools, headache from ozena, inflammatory dermatitis (various exterior ailments and skin ailments), virulence of tumor, and skin ulcer. Its other reported medical actions include antibiotic effects; stimulation of medulla vasomotor center, respiratory center, vagus nerve, and spine; increasing blood flow in the coronary arteries; and effects on vitiligo (white spots on skin) and psoriasis (a chronic skin disease characterized by multi-layered white scales on the skin caused by red spots and papule).
Jisil (dried trifoliate orange)
Known to “disperse lumped energy,” helps digestion, and removes phlegm. Studies show that it has anti- allergy effect and suppresses production of melanin.
Forsythiae fructus
It alleviates fever, detoxifies the body, gets rid of chills, and has the effect of “So Jong San Gyul (消腫散結),” which refers to healing tumors or swollen scars or alleviating lumped muscles. Other reported medical actions are antibiotic effect, anti-inflammatory effect, blood pressure decrease, hemostasis, liver treatment, fever alleviation, antiemetic effect, and diuretic effect.
Chinese peony
Often used for aesthetic purposes because of its beautiful flowers, it is also effective for labor pain, stomach pain, menstrual pain, amenorrhea, vomiting of blood, anemia, bruise, etc.
Mother chrysanthemum
It is known to be often prescribed for flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, headache, gastritis, enteritis, boil, etc. in Korean medicine. As a folk remedy, the entire herb can be pounded and then put on the wounded parts, or it can be boiled to wash the wounded parts with the liquid.
Baikal skullcap
It shows a noticeable effect in alleviating“haeso (cough from heat accumulation on the liver).” It shows excellent effects in treating asthma or alleviating high-heat haeso cased by acute pneumonia or acute bronchitis. The coldness of the herb brings down the temperature of the body and alleviates the symptoms, so it can remove red eyes or body aches due to excessive heat accumulation in the body. It is known to be used for high blood pressure, headache, nose bleeds, bleeding from the womb, and skin flare tumor.
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