Components and Effects of Aloe

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As aloe has proven to be effective in treating almost all symptoms of the human body illness, many medical and
pharmaceutical experts and scholars have steadily studied and analyzed aloe’s components . As a result, they have
identified about 80 medicinal components of aloe. However, the experts say that the identified components may
still comprise only a small part of the whole considering the herb’s miraculous effects, and there may be a lot
more astonishing medicinal components not yet discovered. It seems that the various components have their
individual effects and also combine with one another to produce miraculous synergistic medical effects.
No other natural medicine includes so many effective components in one body, and no oriental or western
medicine has been made to have as many components.

- Representative Components

Aloin, aloe-emodin : Strengthens the stomach, cleans intestines, and works on all internal organs including the digestive system.

Macromolecular hexose polysaccharide : Highly alkaline and enhances body fluids. Has anti-cancer and immunity-boosting effects.

Aloetin : Has antibaterial and antifungal effects.

Aloe ulcin : Acidic, alkaline, heat-resistant, and works on ulcer.

Alomicin : Anti-tumor, and works on cancer virus.용

- Difference between aloe vera and aloe arborescens
Although the two have many common properties, there are clearly distinguished features including the appearance and clinical properties. The main compo
nent of aloe vera is the rich jelly inside the leaves. Also called “aloegel,” the jelly contains macromolecular hexose polysaccharide. The leaves of aloe arbo
rescens are stickier on the upper unripe part and much less sticky on the lower parts. Aloe arborescens has a unique bitter taste, which is caused by aloe-emo
din or plant phenol, also called alkaloid as a medicinal ingredient, and generally has a strong sterilizing power.
- Three Mysteries of Aloe

Dual complex effects : It has a dual effect of simultaneously vitalizing and stabilizing all organ functions as well as the complex effect of working on various

Safe and non-toxic : It contains absolutely no toxic substance and does not harm the human body even when taken over a long period of time, building no resistance and showing no habituation.

Normalization of human body : In addition to the various medicinal actions, aloe normalizes abnormal parts of the body by restoring cell tissues, destroying abnormal cells, decomposing toxic substances, etc. and enhances the natural curing capability to prevent various diseases.

- Four Medicinal Actions of Aloe

Facilitates blood circulation.

Enhances body cell fluids and decomposes toxic substances inside the body.

Sterilizes the body and improves the antibiotic capability of the entire body.

Makes normal body cells capable of forming additional cells with the same properties.

- Aloe’s Effects on Symptoms


Anti-ulcer, cell restoration

Strengthens the heart, facilitates blood circulation, softens hardened arteries,
lowers cholesterol inside blood vessels, and expands capillary vessels.

Elevates organ functions and stabilizes and triggers internal secretion.

Pain-relief and relaxing effects

Diuretic effect

Strengthens the stomach, raises appetite.

Anti-cancer effect, destroys abnormal cells.

Alkalizes body fluids, enhances collagen

Tightens and gives resilience and moisture to the skin,
has anti-inflammatory and whitening effects, alleviates skin hardening
and keratinization, and heals scars.


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